12 sept. 2010

Un peu de fantaisie

Mon goût pour la figurine n'a pas de frontière et il m'arrive aussi de peindre des pièces "fantasy" ici des Rackham 28mm. Le dragon est en 15mm pour le jeu avec figurines DEMONWORLD.

La peinture utilisée est du vallejo acrylique.
Enfin une 28mm peinte par un de mes fils, il avait alors a peine 20 ans :
Bientôt des figurines plus historiques !

My passion for figs has no frontiers and it is also a great pleasure to paint some nice pieces "fantasy". Here , Rachkam 28mm (white metal), the Elve on the dragoon is a DEMONWORLD 15mm.
The last was painted by one of my sons (Rachkam  28mm also) he was just 20 years old when he made this one... all these were pâinted with Vallejo's acrylics.
Soon ...other figs but more ... historical !

2 commentaires:

Galpy a dit…

wow really nice work you've done here you must be pleased with these figues

JLB. a dit…

Yes, thank you !
The rachkam (in blue) is a part of a boardgame 3Hybrid". For 15mm fantasy , i've a (great) collection of these for the game DEMONWORLD. Rules quite complex, but figs are very accurate for 15mm. (Manufacturer = hobby product in germany).